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Want to be a part of BHGTA? We are looking for referees, time keepers and convenors for our 2018 summer season! The OBHF is holding clinics over the next three months in an area near you!

For all of you out there that always complain about the officials why not attend a clinic and put on the stripes! We are always looking for good men, women, boys and girls to help. No credentials necessary. Remember all returning officials must attend also. Don't delay as each clinic holds few spots. Visit www.obhfrefs.com for a clinic near you. Get certified today! Or www.obhf.ca Our stable of leagues include the following areas: Toronto, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, and in Oshawa! If you reside close to these cities then register, get certified and send Willie an e-mail at ballhockeygta@gmail.com, once you are certified. If you want to time keep or become a convenor and be part of the BHGTA team! We have openings in the Oshawa and GTA area for convenors this summer!


Toronto Ball Hockey Leagues

Pickering, Scarborough, Oshawa Hockey Leagues

Open to players of any skill level. Tiered pools keep players of the same skill level playing each other to keep the teams even in ability.


Greater Toronto Area / Pickering / Scarborough Ball Hockey Rules

All Ball Hockey games have two referees present to enforce all of the rules the ball hockey league has in place. These rules are for the players' safety and protection.


hire a goalie

Need a goalie? Is your regular goalie, hurt, sick, can't make it for your next game? Then select the goalies page link and call / email goalies who have volunteered for extra play.

Are you a Goalie? Would you like to play some extra games? If you are a Ball Hockey GTA Goalie (ie. play for a team within our league) and would like to be available to be contacted for extra games when teams regular goalie's can't make it, then follow the contact form on the goalies page and sign up. We will add your name to the available goalies list.

Winners Corner



BALL HOCKEY GTA is pleased to provide information on our upcoming 2020 Spring/Summer season and our Annual Spring Tournament.

Team registration is $2,599.00 plus hst (includes a $50 discount) if registration and deposit is received prior to April 18th

Season fee is $2,649.00 plus hst. after April 18th, REGISTER EARLY!

Individuals: $189 (plus HST ). Payment must be made in full with submission of an individual registration. Players must be 18 years or older

Contact 416-388-8591 for more details or e-mail at ballhockeygta@gmail.com

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 15 games. Again this year, unlike other leagues, BALL HOCKEY GTA will not charge a $4 fee per game for either players and/or fans ($4 per player per game can add more than $400 to a team's overall costs). Teams are responsible for supplying their own team sweaters. If you are looking for a place to purchase sweaters you can contact the league and we will put you in touch with a supplier who will offer a competitive price. We are a member of the OBHF. Which means we have insurance plus winning teams get an opportunity to qualify to go the Ontario Championships! We are also a member of the GTA`s to see who is the best team in the GTA region at all levels


The entry fee for the Spring tournament is $469 plus hst. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 2 games.

Tournament starts: Friday, May 1st and continues on that weekend with the finals on Sunday May 3th

There will be a minimum of 2 different skill level divisions.

The winner of the each level of play will win $525 and a chance to enter a team in the C Ontario`s!! (based on 12 teams per division, C spot will only be awarded based on 12 teams. Plus winning team has to pay OBHF for the event) (Summer roster only!)

A deposit of $200 is required to secure a spot in the tournament and must be made by April 15th .

The league will determine which division your team will be placed in. Games will be played at Pickering Village Arena and Ajax Community Centre (both arenas are in Ajax – see rink locations on the website).

The minimum deposit required to secure a spot for the pre-season tournament is $200.

Contact 416-388-8591 for more details or e-mail at ballhockeygta@gmail.com