Ball Hockey GTA Frequently Asked Questions


Q. "What time are games played?"

A. Weekday games are played between 7pm and 11pm, however we may start as early as 6:30pm and end as late as 12pm. Sunday games may start as early as 5pm and will end as late as 12pm.


Q "How long are the games?"

A Games are stop time, 1st period - 10 mins., 2nd period - 10 mins., 3rd period 13 mins., in the event of a tie there is an additional 5 min. running time overtime. The games generally are completed within an hour. There is no shootout.


Q "What equipment is mandatory?"

A You must wear a CSA approved helmet (we recommend a helmet with a facemask), hockey or lacrosse gloves and hockey stick. We also recommend a protective cup (the ball is hard), soccer style shin pads and elbow pads. Shoulder pads are not allowed.


Q "How many players can be on a team?"

A We allow 19 active players per team.


Q "Can I play on more then one team?"

A We allow players to play on more then one team, however, the teams cannot be in the same division unless they are played on different nights.


Q 'If I am paying by cheque for registration fees, who do I make the cheque payable to?"

A All cheques can be made payable to "Ball Hockey GTA".