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League Rules 2016-17 Season

1. All rules are C.B.H.A. Unless otherwise stated.

2. The following equipment is mandatory in all BHGTA games:

a) A CSA-approved hockey helmet with a proper chin strap fastened.

b) Hockey gloves or the “Zebra” model ball hockey gloves, or gloves Approved by the OBHF. The RBK lacrosse gloves properly bound in the wrist area are allowed.

c) Matching coloured sweater and sweatpants or shorts

d) Running shoes, goaltenders however, may wear shoes offering more instep and toe protection.

e) Hockey stick made of wood, fibreglass and aluminum only

4. No hockey shoulder pads or hockey shin pads allowed.

5. Referees will ask players with damaged sticks (splintered) to replace their stick. No plastic blades. The referees shall have the final decision as to whether any equipment is dangerous or a particular accessory shall not be allowed in a game. The referee has the authority to prohibit a player from participating in a game while using or wearing dangerous equipment.

6. Players must have played 4 games in the summer session and 3 games in the fall or winter session before they can participate in the playoffs.

7. Goalies must wear full equipment including facemasks (baseball gloves are acceptable). Goalie mask must be CSA approved. **All goaltenders must wear CSA approved helmets and facial protectors. Goaltenders will not be allowed to participate in a game without a CSA approved face mask and helmet.

8. Two 30 second timeouts per game-maximum 1 in any given period.

9. Clock will run in the last 10 minutes of the 3rd period when a team is losing by 5 or more goals. Any time the losing team is 4 or fewer goals behind, the clock will return to normal stop time. Clock may also be run at the referee's discretion. All penalty times will remain the same when the clock is running.

10. League scoring will not be counted when the lead exceeds 10 goals (mercy rules).

11. Coincidental minors and majors will offset. A team may exchange a player serving a major penalty where the player given the penalty was ejected from the game.

12. Team must be able to field a team of at least 5 players to start a game and must have 6 players by the end of the 1st period. If there is not 6 players by the end of the 1st period, the game will be defaulted and the other team awarded a 1 to 0 win. The team lacking enough players may use players from another team playing that night only if agreed to by the other team representative (to avoid a default game).

13. Body checking will result in a penalty.

14. An automatic delay of game will be given when the goalie or player intentionally shoots the ball out of the playing surface. There will be no penalty accessed if it is shot into the players bench area or where there is no glass.

15.Slashing the stick is a 2 minute minor penalty. Any slash that makes contact with any body part of the opposing player will result in a MINIMUM 4 minute penalty to the penalized player. Depending on severity a major or a match penalty may be assessed.

16.A player raising the blade of his stick and placing it on the opposing player in a crosschecking motion will receive a minimum 2 minute minor penalty. If the motion is a cross checking motion (extending arms out to make contact with the opposing player) the penalized player will receive a minimum of a 4 minute penalty. Depending on severity a major or a match penalty may be assessed.

17. High-sticking the opposing player will result in a minimum 4 minute penalty. Depending on severity a major or a match penalty may be assessed.

18. High-sticking the ball is a 2 minute minor penalty or where the stick has been carelessly used.

19.A 10-minute misconduct penalty assessed in the last 5 minutes of regulation time or assessed in overtime will result in an additional one game suspension.

20. All suspensions carry into the playoffs and the next season.

21. All suspensions are subject to league review and possible additional suspension time.

22. Any suspended players serving a match, fight or gross penalty may not play on any league night until the suspension is fully served.

23. During any altercation, the referee may elect to continue to run the clock.

24. The referee may terminate a game if, in his view the game is approaching a level of confrontation between the 2 teams that someone may get hurt.

25. A fighting major will result in immediate ejection from the game an automatic 5 game suspension and a $50 fine. The incident will be reviewed by the league for a possible further suspension.

26. Any fighting on arena property will result in an immediate indefinite suspension and criminal charges may be brought forward.

27. A second major penalty, fighting major, match or gross misconduct in any subsequent game will result in an indefinite suspension.

28. Three minor penalties or two 4-minute stick infractions in any one game will result in ejection from the game, except where one of the 3 penalties is for highsticking the ball.

29. A match or gross misconduct will result in immediate ejection from the game and a minimum 5 game suspension.

30. A third man involved in any altercation or the first man off the bench during an altercation will be ejected from the game and a minimum 3 game suspension assessed.

31. There will be no refunds for any suspensions and suspended players are not allowed to be present on the team's bench during the suspension period.

32. Striking a referee or league official will result in an indefinite suspension, pending League officials review and the offender may face criminal charges. This includes excessive verbal abuse on or off the arena floor. The rule is in effect anywhere on arena property.

33. Threatening (or trash talking) a player on the other team may result in an game ejection at the referee's discretion. The convener can notify the referee of an incident in this regard. In that situation the referee can assess a penalty.

34. Any additional players added to the roster in the last 5 games must have league approval or team risks default for using illegal players.

35. There will be no two-line pass rule (offside pass).

36. At the discretion of the referee a game ejection may be given to any player to remove the player from the game without the player incurring a further suspension.

37. Icing will be automatically called when the attacking player shoots the ball from within their own blue line (No longer requires a touch by the defending player). If the goalie leaves the crease the icing is waived.

38. Once the ball has proceeded across the defensive blue-line, a defensive zone will extend to the centre-ice line.

39. Any protest must be made, typewritten, within forty-eight hours after completion of the game. The protest must be accompanied by $25.00 (refunded if won).

40. Gloving the ball (palm clenched) will be an immediate dead ball.

41. Delay offside (clear zone).

42. No two players on the same team may wear the same sweater number. When this occurs one of the two players cannot return until wearing a sweater with no duplicate number.

43. Golf swings with the hockey stick are an automatic 2 minute minor; however the referee may assess a 5 minute major if done in the proximity of other players.

44. Player standing on the ball will receive a 2 minute minor penalty for delay of game.

45. Teams change ends at the end of every period.

46. Team rosters must be given to the timekeeper before the start of the game or a 2 minute delay of game penalty may be assessed. It is the team’s responsibility for the roster sheets to be accurate. Players arriving late MUST report to the timekeeper or again a 2 minute delay of game penalty may be assessed.

47. All players starting late must report to the timekeeper prior to playing or a delay of game penalty will be assessed.

48. Any player who receives a total of 30 minutes in penalties(summer season) or 25 minutes (fall/winter season) during the course of the regular season will receive a 1 game suspension. After 40 minutes , a 2 game suspension and after 50 minutes the player will receive an INDEFINITE SUSPENSION from the league, pending review by League Officials.

49. All major penalties come with a MINIMUM of ejection from the game, 1 game suspension and a $25.00 fine

50.All gross, match and fighting majors penalties will come with a fine of $50.00 and must be paid before the offender plays his next game.

51. If an player stands in the goalie crease in the opposing teams end of the rink, the whistle will be blown and the faceoff will take place outside the blue line. If that player or any other player on that team commits the same offense then the team will be assessed a 2 minute delay of game penalty. Note you are permitted to enter the crease to play the ball if not already covered up by the goalie.

52. Each team has 10 seconds to set up for each faceoff. If one team is not lined up or isn't ready the ball will be dropped and the whistle will be blown immediately, the team that isn't ready for the faceoff will be given a warning and the next time limit faceoff violation by that same team, they will be accessed a delay of game penalty.

53. Players cannot play for two teams on the same night in the same division.

54. There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed in the playing area under any circumstances. Any team violating this rule may face possible team expulsion from the league.

55. When there is a tie in regulation time during the regular season, there will be a 5 minute overtime with 4 players on each side. The 1st 4 minutes are running time and the last minute stop time. If the game is tied at the end of the overtime each team is awarded 1 point. If 1 team scores in overtime the winning team is awarded 2 points and the losing team 1 point

56. Teams will incur a $100 fine for defaulting a game. The fine must be paid before the team is allowed to play their next game.

57. Any player detected to be under the influence of alcohol will be ejected from the game and face possible suspension.

58.All major penalties are recognized over a 2 season period. Any 2nd major within a 2 year season (2 consecutive seasons played by the player) will be dealt in the same manner as noted above for a 2nd major in the same season.

59.A 2 minute minor penalty will be assessed when a player removes his hand from his stick and aggressively pushes or pulls a player with his hand.

60. A penalty shot will be called when a team is already shorthanded by 2 players in overtime and an additional penalty is called against that team.

ALLGAME EJECTIONS AND GAME MISCONDUCTS WILL BE CONSIDERED 10 MINUTES TOWARDS PENALTY IN THE ACCUMULATED MINUTES OF THE REGULAR SEASON TOTAL PENALTY MINUTES. OBHF Winter Provincial Deadline for rosters to be eligible for event is April 15 of the calendar year. There will be zero exceptions if players have not been added or have not participated in any league games to that point. Any player singed after that date is not eligible for Winter Provincials